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About Aurora's Degree College

Cell Actively working in the college

Apart from providing the students with quality of teaching and learning, infrastructure and other facilities college runs various academic and non-academic cells like Examinations, placements, NCC, NSS, social activities, student activities, cultural and literary clubs etc., to help the students evolve as complete human beings. During the course of study in the college if students are facing any problem other than academic, then they are entitled to discuss their issues in cells like student grievance, women protection cell etc.

The cells are actively functioning in the college with effect from 1st April 2014 as per the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC):

Anti-Ragging Committee

Anti-Ragging Committee: This committee works all round the year to ensure that no student is being ragged by their seniors or peers. The student co-ordinators support the faculty members. The committee members are:

  • Principal - Shri Viswanadham Bulusu
  • Vice-Principal - Mr. Satyanarayana Kota
  • Senior Faculty Male – Mr.K M R Nambiar
  • Senior Faculty Female – Ms.P.Sri Jyothsna
  • Faculty from languages Department – Ms.Maithry Shinde

Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Committee: This committee take care of the disciplinary issues in the college. The committee members are:

  • Principal - Shri Viswanadham Bulusu
  • Vice-Principal - Mr. Satyanarayana Kota
  • Other Senior Faculty Members are – Ms.Satyavathi, Ms. Meera Joshi

Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee: The cultural committee identifies the cultural talents in the students and provides them a platform to exhibit their talents. The committee members are :

  • Ms. Megah Rani Giri
  • Ms. Ch.VijayaLakshmi
  • Ms. Pancha Tarani
  • Ms. B. Madhavilatha

Foreign Students Cell

Foreign students Cell: This cell handles issues related to foreign students. The committee members are

  • Ms. Veena Kapoor
  • Mr. Shaik Adbul Khadir
  • Mr. P. Vasanth Vikas
  • Ms. G.Chamundeshwari
  • Mr. Gnandev - Adminstrative officer

Women Protection Cell

Women Protection cell : This cell helps all the girl students to redress their grievances related to eve teasing and any other kind of harassment they are facing from male students or staff. The committee members are :

  • Ms. Parimala
  • Ms. Rachel
  • Ms. SubbaLakshmi
  • Ms. Uma – Librarian

Grievance Cell

Grievance cell : Grievance refers to discontent and dissatisfaction expressed by the students or staff on certain academic or administrative decisions taken by officials. The grievance redressal cell’s core activity is to maintain dignity and self-respect of every individual. The committee members are:

  • Principal - Shri Viswanadham Bulusu
  • Vice-Principal - Mr. Satyanarayana Kota
  • Student activities facilitator – Ms. P Sri Jyothsna
  • Mr. Y.SriKrishna Mohan
  • Ms. Deepa
  • Ms. Srilatha

Gender Sensitisation Cell

Gender sensitisation cell: The main idea of this cell is to sensitise the students about their attitude and respect for their opposite genders. They are mainly counselled to make them understand the thin line drawn between genders and why is it so important not to cross that line. The committee members are :

  • Ms. B L ArunaKumari
  • Ms. Savitha Ramesh
  • Ms. Suseela

All Class captains and section in charges play a very key supporting role for these cells to function actively.

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