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About Auroar's Degree College

Governing Council

About Aurora's Degree College

Aiming at a very transparent, accountable, efficient and effective education system, the college has invited a plethora of highly competent, experienced and knowledgeable people representing various fields such as education, research, industry, consulting, social service and arts.

If you wish to reach the pinnacle in your life, we not only teach you how to do it, but also help you achieve it. With thousands of alumni studying in Ivy league institutions across the globe and working in fortune 500 companies, we are proud to announce the beginning of a fresh academic year.

Governing Council Members

  • Shri. Raja BabuNimmatoori, Chairman - Aurora Group of Institutions
  • Shri. Ramesh Nimmatoori, Chairman – Governing Council
  • Shri. ViswanadhamBulusu, Member Secretary – Governing Council
  • Dr. MadugulaNagaphaniSarma, Founder Chairman, AvadhanaSaraswathiPeetam
  • Prof. V. Kannan, Former Pro Vice-Chancellor, Central University of Hyderabad
  • Prof. G. Ram Reddy, Professor, Political Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad
  • Dr. E.A. Siddiq, Distinguished Chair, CDFD
  • Shri. K. Rama Chary, Playback Singer & Music Director
  • Dr. B. Kinnera Murthy, Strategy Consultant
  • Dr. Mahtab S Bamji, Former Director Grade Scientist – NIN
  • Prof. KMR Nambiar, Head, Dept. of Genetics, Aurora's Degree College
  • Ms. MaithryShinde, Head, Dept. of English, Aurora's Degree College

Dr. MadugalaNagaphaniSarma

"AvadhanaSahasraphaniBrahmasri Dr. MadugulaNagaphaniSarma was awarded Ph.D by the Sanskrit University of Tirupathi for his thesis ”Dharma Swaroopam” in KalidasaKavyas. Sri Sarma was honored by appointment as Poet Laureate of DattaPeetam of Mysore. So far, he performed in 500 Astavadhanams, 15 Satavadhanams in Sanskrit and Telugu."

Prof. V. Kannan

"Prof. V.Kannan received his B.Sc and M.Sc Degrees from the Madras University and M.Phil and Ph.D degrees from Madhurai University. Prof. Kannan's research interests include topological dynamics, functional analysis, and approximation theory. He is the editor of journal of pure and Applied Mathematics since 2004. Professor Kannan worked as UGC National Lecturer and received ISCA Srinivas Ramanujan Award in 2006."

Prof. G Ram Reddy

"Prof. G. Ram Reddy taught in the department of Political Science, Osmania University. He wrote articles on “Nationalism, Regionalism and Regional Organizations and Dimensions, India-China Relations etc at National and International level. He organized and participated extensively in paper presentations, seminars, workshops & symposia / conference at the national level including Global Governance and Global commons, United Nations Reforms, Nehru and Institutionalization of Indian democracy etc."

Dr. E.A Siddiq

"Dr. Siddiq is a Distinguished Chair, CDFD, and National Professor at the Directorate of Rice Research in Hyderabad, India. He has extensive experience as a researcher in the fields of genetics and plant breeding and also as a research administrator. He spent 3 years in Egypt as a rice expert during his stint at the International Rice Research Institute (1983-86). He assumed the position of Deputy Director General (crop science) of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (1994-97)."

K. Rama Chary

"Sri Rama Chary's musical journey started at a very young age. He established little musician's academy, a non-profit organization in 1999. This academy was started with a noble not-for-profit objective to identify and nurture young music talent. Since 11 years, young students from this academy have emerged as sought after playback singers having performed stage shows in India and abroad. He has won several awards for his contribution. He performed all over India and abroad in countries, including U.S.A, Australia, Kuwait, Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia. His aim is to establish a residential music school for musically talented children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds."

Dr. Kinnera Murthy

"Dr Kinnera Murthy has over 3 decades of rich and varied experience in management consulting and training senior level executives. She has been with the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad from 1976 till 2012. At ASCI, she served in various capacities as Dean of Studies for two terms, chairperson, Strategic Management and Chairperson, Marketing, for many terms. She is on the boards of various corporate and academic institutions."

Dr. Mehtab S Bamji

"Dr. Mehtab received doctorate in Biochemistry after her masters from Bombay University. During 1962-65 she was in USA as Research Associate at Tufts University, Botson and John Hopkins University, Baltimore. She is presently an INSA Honorary Scientist. DrBamji made significant contributions in the field of nutritional biochemistry, particularly towards the understanding of the etiology of B vitamin deficiencies, development of tests for assessing vitamin nutrition status as well as estimating the incidence of B vitamins deficiency"

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