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About Auroar's Degree College


About Aurora's Degree College


The milestone for Aurora’s Degree and P.G.College was laid by a young man fresh from his engineering in Computer Science. Mr.Ramesh Nimmatoori, rather than looking for a career in Industry, ventured into establishing an educational institution that has blossomed into a full fledged Society “Aurora Consortium”.

It was the year 1989, which is a landmark in the history of education field in India, when the Aurora Degree College was started with four Departments, sixty-two students and limited faculty members, at Habsiguda later shifted to Gandhinager. In December 1992 the college was shifted to Chikkadpally. Since then it is constantly progressing to make motivated students and staff engaged in active learning through the best use of modern technology. To develop young individuals who think, question and are curious through enquiry-based learning.

Birds eye view of Aurora Success

  • 1989- Inception
  • 1993- biological Sciences and Commerce
  • 1995- a Post - Graduate College, Masters in Computer Applications and Masters in Business Administration.
  • 1998- engineering college in a sprawling campus of 600 acres.
  • Four other engineering colleges were established apart from two more Post - Graduate colleges.
  • Today, Aurora's happens to be one of the largest educational groups in the state of Telangana with more than 400 faculty members and around 300 administrative staff and above 7500 students.

What’s there in the name “Aurora”?

Aurora, the name for the college is taken from the Latin word “Aurora borealis” the famous northern lights, meaning sun god Apollo. The name has been chosen as it synthesizes the Indian and Western tradition of representing the sun as a symbol of knowledge and power. Education is a penance for knowledge and Aurora's treats it thus. The logo has three critical components. The Italian colors Italic and wild pink, the Egyptian pyramid and the letter “A”. Above all the logo represents the spirit of the college encompassed in the punch line – “the temple of learning”.

Inspiration and heritage

Aurora is inspired by Chanakya, who redefined the role of a teacher as a torch bearer of society rather than being a teacher within the class room. He gave the clarion call “TasmatUttishtaBharata” – Oh! Indian Awake! Seeking Inspiration from this great Indian, Aurora imparts education firmly rooted in India’s rich traditional values.

Aurora- The Trendsetter

Aurora is known for establishing unique traditions in every aspect of its functioning. Be it the methodology of education, the advertising strategy methods, the discipline, the activities and events Aurora has been in the forefront. Today, it is no exaggeration that people across the country believe that Aurora is a “trend setter”.

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