About Auroar's Degree College


About Aurora's Degree College


AURORA believes in making students reach the point of excellence at individual level. Involving in academic and co-curricular activities helps students link the academic knowledge with the external experience they have had, this in turn helps them develop their abilities. These experiences have a positive impact on the student's emotional, intellectual, social, and inter-personal development. We organize events and activities which develop skills required to be successful in future endeavors. We mould the students learn to negotiate, communicate, manage conflict, and lend others. Taking part in the activities beyond the walls of the classroom helps the students to understand the importance of skills like critical thinking, time management, and academic and intellectual competence.

Aurora has a tradition to welcome the first year students in a grand way through Induction programme. The main objective of the induction programme is that the fresher's are motivated by exposing them to eminent academicians, researchers, Industrialists and artists. This helps the student to identify a role model for their better future. The students are oriented about the career prospects. The students are introduced to the constituents of the aurora family in terms of family customs, traditions and heritage. Along with the students, parents are also invited to know that they have placed their wards in the college where they are supposed to be three long years under the name of graduation study which brings drastic changes in the personality of the students.

Mainly induction is of three parts

  • Pre-induction
  • Anti-ragging
  • Induction

All the works regarding pre-induction, anti ragging and induction were done parallelly by the faculty members as well as the captains.

Pre-Induction: Pre-induction is that the first two or three days when the fresher's enter the college, they are introduced to the college rules and regulations and also the various activities held at various cells of the college throughout the year. Various cells mean that student activities, placements, ncc, nss, social activities, sports etc., The students belonging to the respective cells orient the students by presenting power point presentations and promote the activities and encourage the student to take part so as to build themselves strong in all aspects apart from studies.


Aurora’s Degree & PG College proposed to conduct ABHIYAAN- a literary fest for the intermediate students of various colleges in the twin cities. The institution known for its Quality education and the exposure it provides to its seeds, an ambit working on improving the standards of education year by year, has taken the initiative to provide a platform for the students to explore and learn through fun. Aurora’s Fest is an initiative for a effective way of bringing the youth under the same platform to enhance social interaction and facilitate exchange of technical, literary and cultural ideas and thoughts. It a potential platform for students to showcase their skills and abilities. Its main aim is to explore whole new talent pipeline which remains unexploited and to provide opportunities to build exemplary confidence among the student fraternity. Several student prodigies have always made the institution and also the nation proud at various levels in the system.


  • To give the intermediate students a chance to experience learning beyond the classrooms
  • To provide a platform for them to identify , exhibit and build on their talent
  • To provide an opportunity for them to hone their skills
  • To inculcate the competitive and team spirit in the students
  • To enhance social interaction and facilitate exchange of ideas and thought
  • To provide opportunities to build exemplary confidence among the student fraternity

Samavartan - Mini Convocation

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