About Aurora's Degree College

Department of English

The Department of English, preeminent at Aurora’s Degree College, comprises of the staff highly qualified and committed to the teaching of English Language and Literature. The focus is on critical reading, analytical reasoning, and lucid writing, central to the mission of the college. In addition to the teaching of the syllabus, the department conducts various programmes and activities that are targeted to improve the communication skills of the students. The Department organizes workshops, seminars, literary activities, mock interviews, and literary games and trains students in soft skills. The focus of the Department is to make the student proficient in English speaking and writing. The English Department is robust and unique precisely because we bring together every part of English Studies in one space. The interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary scrutiny and teaching allows making valuable contributions to multidisciplinary initiatives in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. This Department’s expressed mission is to study, create, and teach spoken, written, visual and digital communication practices ranging from the imaginative to the functional in civic, social, personal, academic and professional communities—and to mentor others to do likewise.

Department of Second Languages

Communication is important for every being. Language serves as a medium of communication through which men communicate their feelings. There is no community without language, however all languages may not have the script, besides languages express the culture of the community. Keeping in view the importance of language, the educational authorities introduced languages at various levels of education, either as first language or second language. The Department of Second Languages of our college offers Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit, French and Arabic as second languages. The Department is running a literary club named TRIVENI, through which awareness is created among the students regarding our rich culture. The club creates awareness among the students regarding various literary personalities, festivals etc.

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